Deja vu..

Déja vu..

Well the name says it all. It's been done countless times by coutless people. But I just had to do it.

It's a good thing though, because I've learned a lot with just this little experience. Wanna know what I learned the best? CLEAN GLASS BEFORE SHOOTING. Yep. Took me about an hour in PP to remove all this dust.

Strobist: SB-80DX in light table underneath, studio strobes in softboxes on each side of subjects. You can see a similar setup here, taken by a super strobist, Nick Wheeler. Check out his photostream, he's simply awesome.

If you want to build this light table I am talking about, see this article on DIYphotography.net called Floor Lit Table Top Studio Project




Another shot from my strobist weekend. This must have been done thousands of times by other strobists, I just wanted to try it myself. One of the best one I've seen is from bald monk

Bubbles were made possible thanks to using sprite!

Strobist: SB-80DX in home made light table underneath subject, Studio strobes with softbox CR (camera right) AND CL (camera left) at about 1/4, on each side of the glass.

Mmmm.... Moka!

Mmmm Moka

Another shot from my strobist weekend. I wanted to shoot coffee beans for a while now, finally got the chance to do it.
The mini coffee cup, got it from the dollar store. It's actually a candle (removed the tip in PS).

See setup shot here.

Strobist: Studio strobe at 1/4 camera right, white reflector camera left.


Ikea.... Bright!

Ikea... bright!

Well it's been a while since I've posted pictures on my blog. I've been either busy or did not had any pictures worth posting.

This weekend I had an opportunity of borrowing our local photoclub studio strobes set, I a did a series of product/food pictures, which I will be posting in the next few days.

Hope you like this one, it is actually a remake of a similar picture I saw on flickr (if you click on the picture you will get to my flickr page where the link to the other photo is...).

Strobist: SB-80DX behind subjects at 1/64. Black cardboard cut in the shape of the objects to prevent light spilling out on the sides.