Spiderlight & Softbox Food shoot !

Hi again everyone!

I did a food shoot a few days ago to test the possibilities of my softbox. I must say I am quite amazed at the results! :)

1/40sec F2.8 ISO 80 (please note I shot this using a Powershot S5 IS. The f2.8 on my camera is much more slower than the real f2.8 you are getting on a DSLR lens.)

I realize this is not lightning speed shutter, but with the camera on a tripod it doesn't do much difference. It is also to be expected from a light such as this one.

See setup shot below:
Setup shot for "Yummy!"

Hope you like it! It is my first experience at product/food photography.



Scott Fillmer said...

That is just a GREAT shot. What lens were you using? It looks like with your tripod that far away it might be the 200mm macro lens (if shooting nikon equip).

Actually now that i think about it, probably not since you said it was ISO-80? Sounds like film? Don't know a digital SLR that goes down that low.

I really love macro shots and the softbox stuff has just alluded my abilities since I don't have one. :)

Great shot again.

Alexandre Campagna said...

Actually, you might be surprised, but I actually used a Canon Powershot S5 IS. It is very good at macros and has quite a zoom. It may not be the sharpest camera/lens, but it did a good job on this project!


Chuck said...

How would your DIY spider light / softbox combo perform for a portrait of a person? Does it throw enough light for something like that?


Gil said...

Hi this image is great.

I currently have a website called Shoenet.com,

i am looking for advice on how to take images of our shoes with an infinite white background so i do not need to crop and touch up the images with photoshop.

Please give me recommendation on what lighting, set up, etc....




Alexandre Campagna said...

Chuck, as long as you're not shooting animals or children, it will do the job just fine. Subjects just have to be quite still.

manov said...

It's pretty amazing result.
Did you use the flash or just your DIY spiderlight (no flash)? Thanks

Alexandre Campagna said...

Just the spiderlight with softbox, along with window light and a reflector. See setup shot above...

manov said...

Alex, thanks for your reply.

So with this spiderlight (or other CFL lighting), maybe we don't need flash anymore huh?

I'm not very handy man, and i found a similar with spiderlight it at ebay, reasonable price. It seem like the CFLs are about the same specs. What do you think:

Thank you very much!

Miran said...

Alex, can you pls provide measures of other two coroplast panels. I've found only measures of the two big side panels not of the top/bottom panels. I miss only this to start with work. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex ! Great step by step tutorial. I am going to try this next weekend. Spiderlights are so expensive and this is the perfect replacement. I am a newborn and child photographer so I am trying this out with newborns and then move up the children chain.
Sandy Puc uses constant lighting all the time with moving kids so I am trying it out !
Since your initial tutorial do you have any steps you would change or readjust before I get started?
Did you find mylar by the yard ?
Appreciate all the quality photo's !

Alexandre Campagna said...

Thanks for your comment!

A few things i would change:
- More power CFL's. These were fine for still subjects, but would not be enough for child/moving subjects. Don't forget to use daylight balanced ones.
- better diffusing material. The white cloth material i had was too opaque. It blocked too much light, but did a great job diffusing.
- make it so that it can be broken down after use. It just takes too much space! I had throw it away it last year when we moved to our new appartment....

Good luck and post your shots when it's complete! Any improvements you make will benefit everyone...